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Supporting Retro Cleto Collective

By 6 abril, 2015 No Comments

The Retro Cleto collective works in Sibaté and in some parts of southern Bogotá (we visited Sibaté in 2012). Their work highlights the importance of thinking about the city from a regional perspective, integrating rural and urban, and of using a range of artistic activities, tactical urbanism, and civic participation in public spaces. To promote bike use, Retro Cleto has developed bike-cinemas in public spaces, decorated urban spaces with bike-related stencils, done graffiti, and restored old bikes. Despacio has provided the group with information for some of its projects and is currently looking for people interested in the collective’s mission promoting la bicicleta popular in Cundinamarca. To learn more about this idea and the Retro Cleto collective, see their presentation. Finally, we want to mention that Retro Cleto recently joined the Mesa de la Bicicleta de Bogotá, an important step towards dialogue and sharing local experiences among bicycle collectives.